Every story has a beginning. . . .

I’m Katherine, Founder of The I Am Beautiful Project. In 2018, after working in childcare for eight years, I started on this journey to building a community thats mission is to guide & inspire you on your self-love & personal growth journey. I have spent my twenties discovering who I am & finding out how I can become the best version of myself possible. I now feel I am in a strong position to reach back & help you on your journey.

Looking back at my years in secondary school, I was at a very vulnerable & malleable stage. Me & my peers weren’t offered inspiration or encouragement to explore anything other than the mandatory, academic subjects they offered. We weren’t taught what self-love is, or mental wellbeing. There weren’t beneficial resources to help us with our self-confidence or personal development. These just were never topics of conversation we had. But what if I had? What if I had had the opportunities & designated people to encourage me to pursue things outside of my academic studies? What if I was taught what self-love is and how important self-worth is? What if I had had the opportunity to be mentored, giving me support with my self-confidence & tools to create strong habits? What if me & my peers had had the support with our mental wellbeing? What if the concept of comparison was something we were discouraged from? . . . . What if?

I created this project with the desire to guide & inspire you on your self-love & personal growth journey. Currently the IAB project is an online community aimed at women & eventually will be a part of girls secondary schools. I believe starting these important teachings in secondary schools will encourage & inspire young girls to become more confident, to want to explore who they are & be curious about their potential. The IAB project will soon also offer Youth Mentoring (Autumn 2022) & online courses for adults, exploring personal growth, self-care & self-love (coming 2023).

This project is an ever-growing passion that I am excited to be working on everyday! And this is only the beginning! I have big, audacious dreams for the IAB Project’s future. There aren’t any projects like this & there is a great deal we as mentors, teachers & the community as a whole need to learn about supporting each other with personal development & self-love. All of us deserve the opportunity to reach for more & follow our dreams, to be supported with our life decisions & mental well-being. For the changes that desperately need to be made possible, every single one of us needs to come together to support and guide each other. Together we will make the vital changes that our younger generations & society desperately needs.

Thank you for joining me on this incredibly exciting journey I am so excited to have you as part of The I Am Beautiful community!