You have more control than you think.

Something I’ve been thinking about for a few days now, is this idea that we can so easily be positive and motivated when things are going well. If you’re like me, then as soon as you are out of routine or you feel a bit down, you are easily knocked off of your axis and you really struggle to be motivated or inspired to achieve anything.

I think our minds are about 60% crap most of the time. It is in survival mode and does everything possible to avoid stress or anything that means we have to push past comfort. To a human brain, laying in bed with yummy food and reruns of Gossip Girl is the best way to stay safe and calm. Well, that’s not how we grow or achieve anything! Procrastination and excuses will not get us to a better version of ourselves and it will not help us when there is really danger, or when we are under real stress and we have to cope under extreme circumstances. I think if this year is anything to go by we know that stress can literally come out of nowhere and can last a while. We have to be ready to go at all times. Although I highly advocate for yummy food and reruns of Gossip Girl on a regular basis, when we are choosing such things over our own personal growth, that’s when it becomes an issue. We know when there are times we should be working on something instead of watching TV. I don’t like using the word should, however I feel if you have made a promise to yourself to do something, then you should be doing all you can to achieve it. Breaking promises to yourself is something a lot of us do far too often.

Bringing you back to our brains not wanting us to be under any kind of stress, we have way more control over how we feel and what we do than you might think. There are many things that we don’t have control over. Many many things. However, you are 100% in control of you attitude and your reaction to situations. That means when you wake up and you’re tired and you opt out of your morning workout because you don’t feel like it, that’s your choice. When you run out of time because you were sat watching TV, or scrolling on social media, that was your choice. When you have a takeaway and then decide that your healthy routine is ruined so continue to eat a tub of ice cream, a bag of sweets and a bag of crisps, that is your choice. When you choice not to do work that you know will benefit you in the long run, but you don’t feel like doing. That is your decision, and yours alone. The same goes for attitude. If someone someone is angry and you get angry too and end up having an argument, that is your choice. When someone says a mean comment and you get annoyed, that is your choice. When you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and decide to be grumpy and annoyed at everything and everyone that day, that is your choice. If you focus on all the negative, unfortunate things happening in your life, that is your choice.

Our attitude and reactions to situations is our choice. We don’t have control over much, but these two things are souly on us. Knowing this gives me comfort. If I have control over these two things, then I also have control over choosing to be happy. Choosing to be kind instead of grumpy. I can choose to workout and shift my energy from tired to invigorated. I get to push through my mental blocks and work on my goals, meaning I am rewiring my brain to go in a different direction. A more productive and positive direction. Do you see? Do you see the point I’m making? You are in so much control. All you need to do is decide that is what you’re in control of. It kind of is that simple.

It’s easy to show up when you’re feeling positive and happy. It’s the times when you are feeling the opposite that built your character. And the more times you choose to consciously be in control of this, the easier and more fulfilled you will be.

I hope this gave you some nuggets of inspiration and a better idea of how you want to choose to show up for yourself.

“Building sustainable, positive habits means you have a strong foundation to fall back on when life knocks you off track.”

-Katherine, Founder of the IAB Project

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