You are not here to make ANYBODY else happy.

The other day I was speaking to somebody & they mentioned somebody else we knew. She told me that this person had said to them before that I live in a dream world. That I was deluded about my ideas of what I wanted out of my life. That me sitting and working in a Starbucks was not a realistic way to work. For the tiniest fraction of a second I was taken aback. A bit surprised by this person telling me & that the other person had said those things about me. Then, I am so proud of myself for this, then I thought to myself, it’s ok, because I’m not here to make them happy. It’s more than ok because my dreams are all mine, they aren’t meant for anybody else & I don’t need anyone to believe in them, validate them or take part in achieving them.

I was talking to a friend the other day & I was saying how funny it is that whenever I explain how my dreams, or my goals make me feel, it seems silly. I get this feeling all over my body, like a complete sense of absolute sureness, like everything I have ever been through in my life has prepared me for this dream I am now on my way to fulfilling. It’s such a weird feeling to explain. Sitting here now, thinking about all the things I know I will one day achieve, it scares the hell out of me, like my dreams have taken the wheel & I have to just buckle up & pray I make it. But mostly I have the feeling of sureness. I feel everything will be ok & everything happening is exactly how it was always meant to be. This sense of sureness has allowed me to hear peoples doubts & disbelief in me & just let it flow past me. I one hundred percent believe in what I have in my heart. One hundred percent. I think that’s why it scares me. Believing in something that doesn’t exist? How can you be sure? As human beings we have the beautiful ability to fantasise & create scenarios in our minds, and nine times out of ten, if not ten times out of ten, they never turn out that way, you know that feeling right? In my mind right now I have an idea of how I’d love my dreams to unfold. However, the confidence I have in myself & the self-belief I have in my ability to defy odds & push for more, that allows me to know that it may not look like how I’ve imagined, it won’t look like you’ve imagined, it will be harder than I think, it will look unrealistic to others, but it will also happen. I don’t need your opinion. I don’t need your validation. I don’t need anything except my self-belief & willingness to buckle up & hold tight.

We are the authors of our own stories & our dreams are the magic that make readers want to turn the page. Not everyone wants to read the same books, & that is perfectly ok. Whatever it is you have on your heart, WHATEVER IT MAY BE, it is all yours & no matter what others may say about you or that dream, YOU are the one that needs to believe in it. Self-belief is literally the air that keeps the fire alive. When you can block out other people & fully focus on what you want, things become so much clearer.


“Someone in the cheap seats does not get an expensive opinion on your life.” – Rachel Hollis

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