Life is either happening to you, or for you.

The more I follow my dreams, what truly brings me happiness, the more I have realised that life is happening for me. In an age with an infinite possibilities, we have endless opportunities to choose and experience anything we want. This also means that when we get into a situation where we find ourselves at a crossroads, or a little lost, we actually have everything we need to get us out of that situation. The thing in between our two ears is the most miraculous and intelligent machine on the planet. Sometimes this is our downfall, we constantly overthink and complicate situations. However if we become intentional with our thoughts and guide that inner monologue that is constantly trying to sabotage us, we have everything we need to step in the direction of the best version of ourselves possible.

The future doesn’t exist. We are constantly talking about it, we say things will happen, things are set in stone, we obsess about what is next, from the next place we might go, to a dream house being bought in ten years time. Along with the past, it does not exist. The only thing that exists is our present, right this second. It is such an overlooked aspect of our existence. . . The future and past not existing can be either a massive hindrance on how we live, worrying about what could happen and what has happened, ooor we can harness it as a huge advantage for stepping into a truly positive and fulfilled life. The future isn’t written, we get that opportunity every minute of everyday. Every thing that has happened to you, you can use as ammunition in your very own life slingshot. Crappy things may have dragged you down and down and down, but everyday you get to choose to fire yourself forwards and fly. Perhaps some days you miss your aim and be pulled down even further than before. But then, then you can go even further on your next shot.

I think the thing is, is that in our society we are used to complaining, blaming external factors for the things happening in our lives. When they are positive, we are very quick to take credit, when they aren’t going so well we immediately point fingers at anything else but ourselves. Accountability. The sooner you realise that everything, including the crappy stuff, that happens in our lives is on us, the better off we’ll be. Yes life is forking hard and some things happen that are out of our control. But we get to choose what and who we allow into our lives, and our reactions to those things. Changing our habits from our deep, childhood conditioning is certainly one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. Taking back control of how I want my life to be is also the biggest act of self-love I have ever shown myself. I can honestly put my hands up and say I am fully in love with who I am.

My point is, if you allow what has, and what could happen, control your present moment, I promise you, you will fight with two things that you cannot change and that do not exist for the rest of your life. The thing we do have a choice in, is our present. This very moment. Are the things that have happened to you going to stop you from stepping out on faith, or excel you forwards? Are your thoughts about what could happen going to scare you into staying still, or will you take a chance and fly? Life owes you NOTHING. You can either focus on all the things that have and are not going well, or focus on aaaaall the things that will go well. Accountability. It is YOUR CHOICE.

And yes it easy to feel motivated and excited about your progress when you feel good. It’s the easiest thing in the world. But I tell you what, when you are feeling so low you self-sabotage every situation, you start projecting negativity onto others, you blame life for every little problem you have ever had. When nothing is going right, forcing yourself to get up and push forward, that is the hardest thing you will ever have to do. I’ve been crying because my life was raw and felt back brakingly impossible, and what’s worse, I had put myself in that position. But I embraced my pain in both my hands and used it to push me forwards. I am now being propelled forward in the direction of my best life, fuelled by the crap in my past and by the desire to never be there again.

I have taught myself to take control of the way I step forward and how I react to life’s whirling winds. I am in control. I am accountable. Life is now happening for me, not too me.

Hope is not a strategy. -Rachel Hollis

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