Get your own success.

The amount of times I have had conversations where people are comparing their level of success to someone else’s, and actually putting themselves down because they haven’t got what someone else has, is incredibly infuriating! How can what I am achieving in my life, possibly compare to what you are ‘succeeding’ in, when our lives are so intricately different?!

So, what is your definition of success? Is it the amount of money you earn? Is it the material things you own? Is it the size of your house? Is it your job? Is it the amount of achievements you have? Whatever it is. I can assure you it will be different from what mine is. We have come from a different background, you and I. We are a different age. We think differently. We love differently. We dream differently. We do life differently. So it goes without saying that the level to which we hold ourselves as ‘successful’ will be different.

I believe to be successful we have to be achieving, doing well, in something that brings us happiness. That is my definition of success. Don’t agree? That’s my point. If you do agree, even then, what I do to make me happy won’t be the same thing that makes you happy. I believe you never reach ‘success’. Ultimately I believe you are succeeding when you are happy with whatever it is you are achieving. There are many areas in your life, and you may not be succeeding in some and excelling in others. This will change over time as you grow and learn, your life goals and wants will change too, and therefore your success.

If you define my achievements as successful, and that is your definition of success too. If you’re not succeeding like me, then are you just failing? Let me put it like this. If you define my achievements as ‘very successful’, and then I change direction, am I no longer ‘very successful’? It’s just not one size fits all, it is a totally unique and personal definition.

If you are looking at someone and they have a lot of money, a flourishing family life, and achieving highly in their career. If you are looking at them and saying, ‘man, they are so successful’. If you are defining that as ‘successful’ and you don’t have it, you need to really look at your life, where you are and what truly makes you happy, and move in that direction. If that means getting a promotion and buying a big house, and that makes YOU truly happy, then that’s YOUR definition. If it’s having babies and staying home to paint, then that is what Success is for YOU.

Success comes from the heart. The more you lean into what truly makes you happy, the more successful you will be. Listen to yourself and zone in on what brings you the most happiness. You won’t be able to enjoy your own garden if you are constantly looking over the fence at someone else’s.

You are successful at being you!

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