I live in London. One of the most expensive cities in the world. I left a full-time, well paid career to pursue a dream. Although I have zero regrets in making this massive change. It comes with it’s challenges. The first, and most important, being money.

There will be times in life when money is tight. If, like me, you have found yourself in a position where every month you are just drowning in bills and can never seem to keep your head above water until next pay day. I understand. I understand this painfully well.

I have a very big love hate relationship with money. I am not a flashy person who needs designer things and the best everything. Saying this. I do love good quality. I want good quality clothes because they fit better and last longer. I spend more money on skincare and getting my hair done, because they are investments in my body. When I can, I buy food from higher end grocery stores because it will always taste better and be more naturally grown. So yes I do love money in terms of quality and freedom, but not in terms of status and material things.

I am very motivated by not being the best. If I spend time with people who have more, or are more financially successful, this motivates me to do better. To excel and set my standards higher. At the end of the day, it’s on you. This is a blessing and a disguise, depending on how you choose to look at it. I say how you ‘choose’, because it is a choice to see things positively or negatively. I am choosing to be positive regardless of my financial situation because the life I want for myself is expensive. It is also a must. I made a decision about who I am and what I want and I am going all out to have it. I cry sometimes and my shoulders hold so much tension they are constantly around my ears. And most days I honestly don’t know how I will get through this. But getting through this is a must! As Tony Robbins says, everyone gets their musts. It was really important for me to make my dreams and goals an absolute must for my life. I really believe money comes and goes. And if you keep working, day in and day out to become better and to become a person of value. Money will return to you. If you see money as an issue, it’ll be a stop sign. A powerful statement I recently heard. . .

Having nothing has pushed me to be creative about how I find more money. My why, the reason I chose to leave financial safety and comfort, my dream, is what I cling onto in these times. Financially struggling has also taught me a massive life lesson I didn’t know was necessary. I am rich without money. When you are put in a position to only have what you have, not what you can buy, you will start to see life from a different perspective.

So. If you’re struggling. I know. I so know where you are at and how you feel. I implore you to make your why big enough to pull you through this hard season and get you to the other side. If you are struggling with this, you haven’t found your why. Keep looking!

Initially, choosing happy over rich will be the hardest, but also the best decision for your life. Once you establish yourself in the field you want to be in, then push to be the best version of yourself. Become so valuable, people will literally pay you to be happy.

I was rich because I had a dream. -Arnold Schwarzenegger

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