The good with the bad.

So as with all seasons we go through in life, some are good and some are bad. Learning to go with the flow of the, sometimes unbearable and hard waves, is all part of the journey. . .

I am great at listening to another’s issues and giving advice and looking at what is best for them. But when it’s me. . . When my anxiety creeps back in, when I feel worn down and at a loss as to what move to make next, I couldn’t care less about my own advice. I don’t want to listen to what is best for me. I don’t want to do the hard stuff for my own benefit. Anyone else?

When life is good, it’s really good. So I am trying to sit with the hard things when they come around, and absorb them, understand how it makes me feel and turn it around. Not an easy mission. Especially if that something is deciding how someone is making you feel. Deciding if they are still benefiting my life. Or making decisions without knowing the outcome.

Life is never one easy straight road. It never will be. And the more you want out of life, the harder it can be. But I’m learning to take the good days with all the bad ones. To learn and grow in a hard space. To come out stronger and more determined to always choose me when issues arise.

My process of bad situations is to talk about them. I journal, I think it over and over. My anxiety is normally present, unhelpfully reminding me how crap things are. But I always prevail. I always come out and push on, because I know good days are ahead, happiness is around if you look for it. Opportunities are present if you want to find them. And everything that’s is happening right now, will pass.

When your hard days are present. How do you process them? Do you choose you? Can you learn something from this situation?

My mantra recently is, one day at a time. Each new day brings a host of new things to deal with and learn from. So I am grasping good in one hand, bad in the other and taking it, one day, at a time. . . .

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