Bring it on.

I was writing my dreams down a few weeks ago, as I do everyday. and I thought to myself, I wonder how long I will write these down before I reach them?. . .

For me, the end of year is a time to review the past 12 months and pat myself on the back for all the things I have achieved, but also to take a hard look at the things I haven’t done so well. It’s a time to reset and move into a new space ready for growth and change. I’ve never really been a resolution kinda girl. The thing about resolutions is that they are often small and short-lived. I want to set big, audacious, lasting goals for a happy and full life. Not a small one for short-term happiness.

As we quickly head towards the end of the year, I feel more determined than ever. This year has been outstanding. I am extremely grateful and humbled by the opportunities I have had and the goals I’ve been able to achieve. Not everyone has had a good year though. A few times I have heard friends saying they can’t wait for the year to be over. Some of my friends and family have had it tough. And the amount of times I have fallen down this year and asked myself, what is the point, again?. . . But I am a big believer in pushing through and getting up every day and trying again! I have this need. This undeniable, fiery, strong need. It’s the need to be more. To learn more, to achieve more, to help others on their journey. To build the dream i’ve coveted for so long.

If maybe you are feeling a bit lost or unsure of your next steps, or even if you do know what might be next for you, I won’t ask what your New Years resolution might be. I am going to challenge you to ask yourself what you really want for your life. What do you want to achieve? what kind of person do you want to be? What new things do you want to learn? How can you be of service to others? What long-lasting, healthy habits would you like? And then, go out and chase that everyday.

Whatever 2018 may have brought you. Find the strength to step into the unknown and blindly trust that you are on the path to greatness. . .

Lets not just have a great 2019. Lets have an exceptional life.


You got this. 



*Picture is of me dancing in my friends garden in the summer. I was so happy. So free. Not the best picture. But one of the best memories. . .




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