Lets smash it!

At the end of each year I tend to do some reflection on the year and what goals I can achieve by Christmas to wrap the year up.

Most people I have spoken in the last few months have agreed that this year has gone so so quickly and time is just shooting past. This is amazing as there has been so much going on, but it is also scary as I am quickly looking up into the face of a huge milestone in my career.

On my vision board I have a list of goals I want to achieve every year. This year I have achieved more than I ever thought possible. I have pushed myself into new spaces of self discovery and growth. Met some amazing people. Fallen in love with caramel lattes. Had the amazing opportunity to meet my hero, Rachel Hollis! Set my belly on fire with passion and enthusiasm for my dreams. . . however as the year has passed I do notice the big difference in how the year started, to now. The year began with so much energy. Now I still have that want, I am just lacking the energy. I do have a tendency to dive head first into new things and throw my all at it, only to realise I am not wonder women and I have to walk before I can run.

There is something to remember about balancing goal setting and being happy. You can’t do everything and do it all well.

A lot of times I can be hard on myself for not getting all the things I want done. For not finishing work. For not going on a run. For not eating healthy, like aaall week. But. I am slowly getting there with my coursework. I ran most days last week. The little boy I look after is happy and thriving. I have crossed things off my to-do list this week. And miracle of all miracles I am getting enough sleep. AND I have been out and spent time with my friends. So really. I am doing just fine. Yes I want to achieve everything on the list everyday. I want to meet every deadline. I want to write blog posts and do social media bits every week. But when it comes down to it, there are things I have to do before I can do the things I want to do.

So, it’s November. There are eight weeks left of 2018. what can we achieve before yet another year is up?

What did you think of starting but didn’t because you were ‘to busy’? What did you give up on because it got hard? What habit do you wish you hadn’t broken? These last eight weeks may be a wind down to Christmas for a lot of people. They let themselves go a bit. Stop exercising because its cold. Eat unhealthy because it’s ‘nearly Christmas anyway’. Stop working so hard because it’s nearly the holidays. Guys, there are eight weeks of your life left in 2018. Forget that’s a holiday. Are you going to let the last eight weeks slip by and the only thing you achieved is re-writing your to-do list, gaining a bit of weight and dreading the new year where you know you have to start again. Keep the momentum going. You can achieve so much in a week, and you have eight of them left! It’s never ever too late to begin now. Write it down, add it to your vision board, put it somewhere you will look at everyday and remember to keep choosing you. Then, make the forking time to achieve it. Whilst the other people are letting themselves go and losing motivation, you will be leaving 2018 with fire in your heart and energy to begin a new year of amazing opportunities and growth.

Start today. Start right forking now.


I choose to make the rest of my life the best of my life.  

-Louise Hay 



*The photo for this post is of the beautiful trees in Kew Gardens. The photo doesn’t do the gardens justice, it is absolutely stunning. I love Autumn!!

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