You are not a tree.

Just before I got the interview for the job I am in,  I had waited three weeks to hear back from a family which, on paper, was my dream job. I really thought I was going to get it. I would have got amazing pay, my own place, everything. I didn’t get it. They apologised and said they had been really impressed and loved me but thought the other nanny they interviewed had more experience. I was gutted, and pretty much done with interviews by then. But of course I needed a job so I took this interview when it came along. Isn’t it funny how at the time you think the thing want is everything and then you look back and realise that you not getting that opportunity was a blessing in disguise? The interview went really well. When I looked over the side of the cot and saw his beautiful little face looking up at me with a look of confusion, I was in love.

A few weeks ago I had my annual appraisal with the family. Never would I ever have guessed what would have happened in that meeting. We went over several questions that I had previously gone over and prepared for. Each question was extremely positive. I even told them about my event management course I am doing (I was nervous to tell them as they may think I want to run off and do events. Not quite yet guys!) All the feedback I got was positive. They told me I was part of their family and told me their plans for the next year, which includes a possible month in France! They gave me gifts and I held back tears. When I first started this job I kept waiting for the other shoe to drop. . . I don’t think it will. This job is more than I ever would have expected. And if it’s even possible, it just gets better and better. I am extremely humbled by this job and the opportunities that have come with it.  Not many people say that are able to that.

I guess my point is, is that you need to find a job that you want to get out of bed for. I think so many people think that’s an unrealistic expectation. . . But I just look at the millions of jobs and opportunities open to people and think, it’s not a lack of realistic vision from me, but small-minded vision from their part. I’m only twenty-four, and I have had quite a few jobs now. Each one prepping me for the next. Each one teaching me something and helping me grow. I’ve always said I will do something until it no longer makes me happy. I’ve stuck to this from pretty early on. Obviously at some point, as we all do, we will have to do a job we despise and hate every minute of but do it for the money. These can just be stepping-stones or they can be your life, it’s your choice. I’ve done really, really crappy jobs. But here I am. I got through it and am now doing something I want to do. Majority of us will spend 1, 680 hours a year in their job, if they do around 35 hours a week. Most of us do more than that. I roughly will do about 2, 500 hours a year. So when you add it up like that guys. You will spend most of your life at your job. So why, why, are so many of us doing a job we don’t want to go to and doing it with people who either don’t want to be there too or do and you see them making the most of their time and feel worse about your own situation.

I’ve had quite a few jobs because I am absolutely adamant that I will not stop until I find something I love to do. And if that means only staying in a job two years and then moving on or working abroad, or changing career paths. Then you can be damn sure that’s what I am going to do. Life is so damn short and there are just too many opportunities out there for me to take to just stay in one place. I am not a tree! I am a bird!

I am constantly putting myself in positions to learn and grow and be happy. Sometimes I don’t know how I do it. But really you just make the time. Not find it. You literally make it. You wake up earlier, you go to sleep later, you give up your Saturdays, you do aaall the things you need to do in order to get to where you want to be. I call it work but this isn’t work, its my dream.

So. Are you a tree, or are you a bird?

Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.  -Ruminnnnn 

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