Do I stay or do I go now. . .

(Am I the only one who reads the title and starts singing the song? Here is a link if you have no idea what I’m on about! Do I stay or do I go now song )

You must have been asked before, what advice would you give your younger self? Most people say things like, you are going to go through some tough stuff, but you are strong and you will come out the other end. Or, you may think some people are your friends but trust your instincts, you will be better off without them. The boy you think is ‘the one’, he is going to end up hurting you, but you’ll find another, don’t close your heart. My advice to myself would be, your comfort zone may be safe, but there is a huge world out there and it’ll be the best thing you ever do to travel and live your life. You will be absolutely fine. Just. Do. It.

I’ve just come back from holiday and it was THE BEST one I’ve been on so far. A beautiful 5* hotel on a beach in Rhodes for seven days. It was perfect. Absolute bliss. Whilst I was there I remembered something I’d forgotten. The world is a big place. I’ve travelled half way across the world and that was just such an incredible opportunity. I had forgotten what it was like to travel, to be free. . .

In life there will be so many opportunities, so many doors, placed in front of us. Sometimes we take them. Sometimes we don’t. When we do however, it can give you such a high and makes you realise how capable and abundant your opportunities are. But when you come home. . . It can be like sitting back down in your favourite chair. You love it and you never want to leave it. You’ll sit back in that chair and smile at the memories you now have and convince yourself you are happy because you are back in your comfy, safe space, where you’ve always been. At the end of the day though, Ikea bring out new chairs every year and how will you know if you could have a better one if you don’t get up, and try them out. For many of us, we turn to others for advice help make a decision. This can hep you or it can hinder you. Just think, when you are 84 and looking back on the things you’ve achieved and didn’t in your life. Which do you think will matter most. . . ? I’m going take a guess and say, the things you’ve achieved. Yes living day-to-day in the hum drum of society is easy and comfortable, but. The doors of opportunity we get are sometimes so fleeting we make decisions based on what is easy and safe and not what is new and exciting. We are creatures of habit and society feed on that. Society can be isolating and mundane. To the point that we are brainwashed with so much crap to make us feel like we are in a happy place, living our best life. When really most of us are spending money we don’t have, in a job we hate and spending time with people we’d rather not.

For me, and I know so many others, We are scared of the unknown when it comes to leaving our comfort zone. But I know what it’s like to leave it now. It’s forking scary. But it is the best thing you’ll ever do. A job is just a job. You can find money anywhere in the world. You’ll always find new friends to, and your family aren’t going anywhere. So when a door of opportunity appears, do you stay? Or do you go?

Go. Through. The. Door!

Race: Human 

Home: Earth

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