“O the places you’ll go.”

The thing I used to hear all the time when I was at school. “O, so and so has gone travelling”, “yes my son went and travelled around Europe for three months too”. . . I’d think, how cool it would be to do that.

I was twenty-one when I did my first spot of travelling. I went to work on a cruise ship for six months (which ended up being three because I broke my foot. Major eye roll!). My position was as a youth councillor on the Regal princess with Princess cruises  (look it up, it’s pretty impressive). Our change over port was Fort-laurdale, Florida. Then every Monday we were in the Bahamas. . . .then the cruise did two weeks in the Caribbean and one week in Mexico. It alternated like this for the 12 weeks I was on board. 

O my goodness. . . .the things I saw and the people I met. You can’t get that anywhere else but exploring the world! It was the best decision I EVER made. EVER! I’ve also been to Germany, Spain, Malta, Paris, Italy, Amsterdam, Lithuania and I last week I was sunbathing on a beautiful beach in Rhodes. Out of all the places I’ve been to, the one thing I’ve gained from all of them is a sense of freedom. Going to a place where nobody knows you and you know nobody. Learning a new language, eating new foods, really soaking up new culture. What could be better?

I’ve always suffered with anxiety and staying in one place too long can make me feel like I need to run away. Frequently travelling helps relieve that. Taking a break. Like stepping outside into fresh air after being in a stuffy room for hours. There is so so much of the world I will never see, but I intend to do as much of it as I possibly can. I have one of those scratch off maps that shows all the places I’ve been to. I love coming back and scratching off a new country!

I guess this post is a little reminder that there is a ginormous world out there and I think travelling is something every single person should do. So, if you get an opportunity to travel. DO IT!! Look for it. Save for it. Dream about it.

   To live will be an awfully big adventure. -Peter Pan



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