Project 1

I hate running. The lie I told myself every time running came up in conversation up until 30 days ago.

 I have now completed my 30 days of running for my Project 12 and I can now admit that running is not so bad and I actually enjoyed more runs than not. I ran three weeks out of four. . . So going into this I was like, right I have headphones, old trainers and the app. I have everything I need. O Katherine you are silly! I got runners knee in the second week. I do yoga but no other exercise and then starting to run everyday. . . I was bound to get an injury. So I rested for five days and got new trainers. Now I can run much better and have no pain (fingers crossed). The other days I missed were either because I was too tired or because I didn’t have time. Now these two excuses were not good enough to warrant not going for a 30 min run. But alas I told myself that anyway. It’s all mind over matter. Our bodies are stronger than we think they are, if we stop over thinking what we are about to do or what we tell ourselves we cannot do, you’ll find you can actually do it. Everyday I was running and told myself I hated it and that it was hard and I couldn’t breathe or I had a bad stitch and I was swearing out loud in the park…… I kept telling myself, you did this yesterday, you can do it again today. Think about how you’ll feel after. You won’t actually die. No pain no gain. And distracting myself with this internal motivation babble got me through it. 

Today was my last run of project 12 but not my last run ever. I got up and ran around the beautiful sunny park, I looked down as I ran and watched my feet hitting the floor, I smiled at other runners, I smiled at myself. I did it. 

If you didn’t join me on my first project there are still eleven months to go! Pick something you aren’t sure about, maybe you’ve told yourself you cannot do or are scared to do, and take a leap. Take a leap of faith on you. And trust me, you will surprise yourself and learn things about you, you didn’t even think were possible. I doesn’t have to be crazy, it maybe going to a new class, starting a new hobby, travelling, starting a business, writing. Do it! What do you honestly have to lose.  . ? 

If you’d like to read the full page about Project 12, click this link Project 12

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