Having a Birthday is a privilege.

Thank you twenty-three, it’s been an honour. And as with each of my previous years, you have taught me so many things. . . .

How to love myself unconditionally. How to love others without return. How to work out of love and not just for money. How to care for others like a mother would her own child. You’ve also given me so much. You’ve given me more wisdom to navigate this crazy world. You’ve given me patience to continue the path to my dreams. You’ve given me courage to step forward into unknown territories and start my own social media platform to help others in their journey. . .

I become more ambitious about making the world a better place everyday. I have the best job anybody could ask for. I have wonderful new friends. I’ve travelled to two new countries. . . . I hear a lot of people who hate their birthday or whom pretend they don’t even have a birthday as that means they are getting older. I believe having a birthday is a privilege. We are here and we are able to enjoy all that our beautiful world has to offer. We can laugh, love, dance and sing. . . we are alive. 


So I am sitting in an abundance of gratitude and love and happiness. Thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all I have.

At the end of the day, after all is said and done, love and memories are all that are left. Love generously. Love passionately. Love fiercely. 


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