Ducks in a row.

There is a man I see around where I live. I pass him when I go on walks to the park. Normally I say hello and we have a little conversation about the weather or work. The other week I passed him sat outside and I asked how he was, he said ‘i’m ok. I’ve been better, but that’s just part of being human. We are all a work in progress’. This stuck with me.

It makes me laugh when people say, OMG I’m nearly, however old, and I don’t have ‘my ducks in a row’. I don’t really think anybody does. Ever. As human beings we are changing and learning all the time. Our environments change, we become more educated, bad things happen to us, amazing things happen to us. These all change our perspective on life and who we want to be and our self-worth. So it’s hard to believe that we’ll have our ducks all neatly lined up and in the correct order. Yes we get older and yes it can sometimes be scary. But the more we learn and love who we truly are, I believe, the happier we’ll be. And the rest will fall into place. We’ll care less about how old we are and the materials things and more about how we spend our time and who we spend it with. 

I used to think I need to have my sh** together from a really early age and it’s only recently that this has changed. I just want to be happy. I want to be in a job that doesn’t feel like a job, spend time with my family and friends, learn as much as can about whatever I can, travel. . .  Thinking about material crap and “omg I’m not where I should be!” Just clogs up the space I need for the more important things. Do what makes you happy and trust me, everything will have a way of working out for the better eventually. I can’t explain how or why. . . it just does. 

 As long you are waking up everyday and are better than you were the day before, then that’s all you need. But you have to do it every single forking day! Not one week then quit cause it the weekend! If you are already thinking about what it is you want for yourself or what your next steps could be then you are already on the path. It’s the people who don’t try, don’t care, don’t think outside the box. That are in trouble. And I bet you they don’t care. 

The greatest feeling it to transform one’s feelings into action. -Madame de staël

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