F is for Festival

Last July I went to my first music festival. It was a small family festival in Somerset. I had the best time. It was so relaxed and everyone was really lovely. It did pour down and being in a small, two-man tent with another person and a double blow up bed was not ideal, but we made the most of it. And of course afterwards I wanted to go to every festival I could!

To start our summer off this year, me and my friends went to another three night music festival this May bank holiday weekend. I can’t tell you how much fun I had. Being in what feels like a small community of amazing people who are all happy and kind and just there to have fun and let go, I can’t think of anywhere better (except perhaps the Bahamas). This time round me and my friend went boutique camping, best decision ever!! It is more expensive but it takes a lot of worry off of packing, weather issues and safety.

I know to some people the thought of a festival is the worst possible thing imaginable. But for me, I can’t think of anything more liberating and fun. We danced, we laughed, we drank, we ate, we took pictures, we made friends. . . . we lived our best lives. I cannot wait until August when we go to Wilderness, a huge music and arts festival in Oxfordshire (Don’t look it up unless you are prepared to go. It is going to be incredible!)

If you’ve never been to a festival before I’d recommend a small country festival such as Shindig or Farmfest. I promise you’ll love it!


Me and my chicken



View from our boutique tent on the hill



My top tips for festivals

1) Boutique camping. I would recommend this to everybody! Our campsite was so lovely and clean and quite. There were showers and we had our own bar with sofas and music. The main thing about boutique camping is that it doesn’t matter about the weather. Rain, hail or sunshine your tent will stand it’s ground!

2) Toiletries. I know a lot of people rough it for the weekend at a festival. But there are definitely essentials that you need.  Dry shampoo, a mirror, moisturizer, not only moisturising but good to stick glitter on your body, blister plasters, condoms (you don’t want a Bridget Jones situ on your hands!), deodorant, wet wipes and hand sanitizer.

3) Clothes. This time around I probably took four outfits and wore them all throughout the three days, depending on the weather. I took a dresses, shorts and various tops, a hoodie and many socks! Also pack sweatpants and dry socks for the return home. You’ll thank me later. OOO and don’t forget the raincoat!!

4) Shoes. Always pack shoes for every occasion. I had flip-flops, converse and wellies. Even if you think you don’t need them. Take them!

5) Mobil battery charger. Often now you can pay to get your phone charged at the festival. but why pay when you can have your own? And if you don’t go on your phone and only use it for pics you’ll save so much battery.

6) Your own alcohol and snacks. This saved us quite a bit of money. Often festivals are generous with how much alcohol you can take in, so its worth lugging boxes of cider from the car to your tent. We took snacks to munch on in-between meals. We walked sooo much and danced a lot so found we were rather hungry in the day.

7) Accessories. A festival is one of the few places where you can wear and do whatever and you will get no judgments. So get those crazy clothes that you’ve had in your wardrobe for ages but not has the confidence to wear and put them on. Take crazy glasses, huge earrings, wacky dress up and rock it! Don’t forget that every outfit isn’t complete without a heavy sprinkling of glitter!!

8) Timing. I always try to get there when the gates open as you’ll be queuing for a little while at least and you’ll want to make the most of being there. When we leave, we try to allow enough time so we can chill before the evening and work. So we normally leave mid-morning on the last day.


Tips I picked up for next Time

1) Jello shots in a lunch box. I saw a girl with a group of friends and a massive lunch box with Jello shots in. Need I say more.

2) Pull along cart on wheels. If you’ve been to a festival and camped there, you will know.  You know all about the travelling between the car and the festival with AAAALL your stuff!! It’s a blady nightmare. This year I saw so many people with those pull along carts on four wheels. So many of them were collapsible too, so easy to put in the car. GENIAS idea!! Worth investing I think!


If you have any tips for festivals leave them in the comments!


The weather was incredible!


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