Your bubble, my bubble, their bubble.

I feel like this is a very common thing people like to talk about, even me. Other people’s ‘amazing’ lives in comparison to their own.

Before I came to London I remember looking at nannies in London and seeing their amazing life, full of travel, events, designer things. I’d dream up what my first job would be like, the family I’d work for, the children I’d care for and the amazing lifestyle I’d have. I have been very fortunate (second time lucky), the job I am in is more than I ever could have asked for. When Monday rolls around I am happy to go to work. I do travel every year, I go out a lot, I am able to attend some pretty cool events and have nice things, if I choose. I do know what it looks like and  it’s all very well saying these things when you have all of them. I am extremely humbled by the opportunities I have been given and I will never forget the journey I’ve been on to get me here. There is of course a huge resounding ‘but’ in all this. First of all, nannying is THE MOST unglamorous job ever! I feel like I look like the streets local bag lady a lot of the time and being tired consumes a lot of my thoughts, I day-dream about jumping into bed after a long day and what book I’ll read before a long night of sleep . . . And secondly I have worked really hard to get here. I’ve studied and worked my way here. I chose the path I wanted and went head first and worked my butt off until I got here. I do think a lot of people must think I have a great life and it’s all holidays and amazing city life. For the most part it is. I have a pretty awesome life and I’m so so grateful to be able to say that. But what people don’t see is the times I’ve cried because I’ve been so stressed. The times I’ve seen my therapist to try to make sense of it’ll. The times I’ve been so poor I’ve had to beg and borrow money just to get toothpaste and food.Or me at 6:30 every morning writing and studying before I go to work. I think people like to only see the amazing stuff that other people have because it shows them up for the things that perhaps they feel they should be doing or would really like to have. Maybe if they really saw what it took to get here, many would think differently.

I know majority of you reading this however are not nannies and don’t think that about nannying life at all. But the point is, is that a lot of times people make a preconception of other people’s life from inside their own bubble, when really, it’s just different. They had a different childhood where they met different people and that led them to different opportunities, which led them to where they are now. So maybe next time you see somebody who ‘has it all’, take a look at the steps you are taking in your own life. Are they actually helping you towards being the best version of you possible?

I think the only advice I can offer is that you need to make a decision. YOU have to make that decision to commit to becoming the best version of yourself. YOU have to put in the hard work to create your vision and YOU have to be the one who pushes YOU to heights others turn away from.We all have struggles and setbacks and hardships. We also have things and opportunities that other people wish they had. But most importantly we all have the same 24 hours in the day to make things happen. So look at others and admire them instead of comparing yourself to them. And remember, the choice really is all yours. You can make aaaaall the excuses in the world. But when you turn around to look at someone to point a finger at, that’s on YOU.



If you only think about where you could be, you’ll never get there.


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