What’s on your plate?

So recently I have begun a new course in Event management and I’ve also started this project AND I’m also a full-time nanny. So to say may plate is full is kind of an understatement. 

When I first thought about the project, I thought it would be a slow hobby on the side. . . Well that has gone out the window. It’s my future and my dream. So I think about it and work on it EVERY DAY! The course I am doing was a, ‘there is no time like the present’ spontaneous decision – I eventually want to go into event management and this is just my first step in that direction. Being a nanny is my full-time, money-making job that I love! Then of course I have the personal bits of my life. The friends to catch up with, the dates to go on, the family disputes to sort out. . . . As me and my friend say, ‘life admin’.

We can’t do aaall the things we need to do at the same time, and do them to the best of our ability. I figure prioritising is the key here. Being a nanny is the most important job, to me, and the family I work for. With the event management course, I do this when I can. It is low on my priority list but has more deadlines. I have eleven months to complete a course and I have NO Clue what I’m doing (If you have ANY tips please comment!), but I figure it’s a challenge my crazy brain said I’d enjoy, so we’ll see with that one. And this project. Just thinking about it makes me smile like crazy. It has no deadline. Nobody waiting for me to turn up for things so I work on it when I have an idea, or when I am writing. This tends to be everyday, but it certainly is my favourite thing to do and think about. All these things I do fulfil different parts of my life for different reasons and being busy achieving different goals, intellectually growing and helping make the world a better place, is what makes me really really happy! And doing what makes us happy is THE MOST IMPORTANT thing we can do for ourselves. I said to a friend recently, why do I have to want the big stuff? Why can’t I be happy with a normal, boring 9-5 life? She totally agreed that it was easier. . . but the reality is that we do only get this one shot to do something extraordinary. So I push myself to see if I can,  I expect a high standard of myself, and I am hard on myself when I fall behind. But somebody has to kick my ass! So for right now, life is a bit of a balancing act and there are a lot of times when I get stressed and feel like I’m being pushed into corner and I just want to run under to covers and hide. But I know me and I know where my stress threshold is and when it’s time to take a break and take a breath (and a few glasses of wine).

So wherever you may be in your journey, be really honest with yourself about what it is you can and cannot handle. Nobody can be superwoman (but we can get pretty damn close sometimes). So get to know your limits, at what point do you reach the line where it all becomes too much? When does your mental health start to get affected? Are you starting to do bare minimum in one area to compensate for another? Things should be at a manageable and efficient level otherwise how the hell can you do it all effectively?! Take that break when you need the break. Don’t leave it to the last-minute (Katherine take your own advice here (eye roll)!!) and even when you achieve little things, pat yourself on the friggin back and have a glass of wine because you’re doing amazing!


Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of every step you take.  

 – Karen Salmansohn

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