You know those times when everything in a single moment is perfect. You at your most content and peaceful and you wish the you could bottle it and make it last forever. . .

As I walk down the garden path, sun on my back and a summer dress floating around my legs, my heart is so full. Full of gratitude, full of love and full of pure happiness.

Of all the decisions I’ve made in my life, making the decision to love myself and to really put me first, has been the best. I think choosing you, deciding that you are worthy, that you are allowed to be unapologetically you, to love yourself in every way that a person can be loved, is the key to true happiness.

I really believe self-love is the root of each persons happiness and it’s vital that we take care of it and ensure that we think of ourselves first. In society we are often told what we can or can’t do, what we should or shouldn’t do. We are asked what job we are in, who we are dating and if we have our ducks in a row. . . When was the last time you were genuinely asked if you were happy?
When you are ever feeling unbalanced or unhappy in your life you can turn to yourself and think what do I need? I think we get so caught up working for other people, providing for our families, raising children, caring for a parent, meeting deadlines. . . That we often forget that whatever we give to others we are taking from ourselves. So it’s all about balance. “everything in moderation, including moderation”. Being a human being is such an incredible and unique gift. We are complex and complicated and ugly and miraculous and beautiful, all at the same time. Be kind to yourself. You cannot have it together all the time. You’ll get things wrong, you’ll forget important things, you’ll try and not succeed. That’s just the way things happen sometimes. So give yourself a break. Allow yourself to be you. Our biggest enemy is ourselves. But we really don’t have to be. Yes we’ll always have the little voice inside us that rears her ugly head when the going gets tough but if we are patient and kind we can teach the bigger, stronger version of ourself to speak up and fight! Also whilst talking about being kind to ourselves. Be kind to others. We are ALL on the EXACT same journey. We are all searching for happiness in different ways. So give others a break to, you may not know how much a simple kindness can affect someone’s whole day.

Return to self-love when you are feeling down. Do things that really make your soul light up, look for the important and significant moments that flutter by, they are all around us. For me when I am feeling unhappy or can’t seem to catch up with myself, I like to take myself out of the equation. Do something that is really for me. This weekend I needed to remove myself from ‘the situation’. I went to my friends in the country for the weekend and spent it with people I care about and did exactly what I felt like doing there and then. No deadlines. No appointments. No children. Just me, myself and I doing what we do best, being happy to be alive.

Most mornings when I look at myself in the mirror I think, I look so good today or, I am the amazing person I believe I am, I am capable, I’ve got this. . . . . This is something I unconsciously started doing, but that small, seemingly insignificant truth I tell myself each morning sets my mind up for positivity for the rest of the day. So next time you catch your reflection in the mirror, give yourself a smile and  say, ‘I am beautiful and I am enough’.

Wabi-sabi (Japanese)

The way of living that focuses on finding beauty within the imperfections of life and accepting, peacefully, the natural cycle of death and decay.

I’ll be following #mefirst on instagram, post things that are making your soul light up and tag the I am beautiful project, I’d love see what makes you happy! If you aren’t following me yet then please pop on over to IAB project instagram or facebook page and follow me there. Links are in the icons at the top of the page.

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