Having the vision.

For me, having a vision is the art of believing in something that you cannot physically see or sometimes even explain. It’s thinking outside the box and making the impossible possible.
When I was younger I had this dream that I was flying around my bedroom ceiling, just like the Darling children from Peter Pan. When I woke up I was so upset because I realised it wasn’t real and never would be.
I’ve always been a dreamer. Me and my sisters were brought up with a mum who had so many ideas it was hard to keep track. So naturally I have an abundance of ideas. All. The. Time. My best friend often says, “OMG I can’t keep up!”.

I’m always looking for the next thing for me to do or learn. This project is my new vision for my future. It’s a hell of a lot of extra work but I enjoy it so much. Writing for my blog, planning for ‘the bigger picture’.. . . .
When I think about it, it makes me giddy, it makes my heart swell, I almost want to cry. When I first tell people about my vision, mostly I get good feed back and encouragement, but there are some ‘hmm I’m not sures’. And there are definitely some blank faces. Almost like having big ideas isn’t normal. For me, telling people about my vision was embarrassing. I would think I sounded silly. If I told people I considered more intellectual than me I was embarrassed because they intimidated me. But at the end of the day, who sounds more silly, the girl who is clearly embarrassed, stumbles over her words and down plays her idea, so it doesn’t sound like half of what it actually is? (eye roll!) Or the girl telling people about her amazing idea with passion in her voice and a sparkle in her eye?
The thing about YOUR vision is that it’s all yours. You created it. Crafted it. Loved it and are watching it grow and change all the time. Like the time you planted a bean in second year and watched it grow in a cupboard. Your vision is like that bean. You planted it and then helped it grow, hidden away so nobody else saw it. Then when your bean was finally a seedling and you actually had something to show for all your efforts, you brought it out of the cupboard and showed people. You are so proud of it. You did that.
Nobody will see this but you. Nobody will understand it but you! You may have a best friend, boyfriend, parents, who you look up to and who support you. No matter how much they love you and want the very best for you. They will never care about your vision as much as you do. Ever. Mostly because they don’t understand and can’t envision it for themselves. But because they have their own vision which they are working on, that you don’t care about as much because you have your own. So plant your bean, put it in the cupboard, water it, love it, watch it grow and one day you’ll open the cupboard and it’ll be time to bring it out and proudly share it with everyone. And unlike my dream, it’ll come true.

Those who believe in magic will find it. -Roald Dhal



My vision board tip

I’m a very visual person so I like to have all my ideas in front of me that I can look at and change. The best thing for me is a vision board.

To start , I’d find a centre focus. This could be picture of a goal, a person, a memory, a quote. Anything that reminds you of why you are doing this board and to stay focused on your vision! For me, I have the quote, “YOU GOT THIS!”.
From there you can then branch out. Add ideas, photos, memories, lists, goals. Weekly, daily, yearly aims, motivational quotes. . . there is so much. Things change all the time so don’t forget to change the board to! Then most importantly, go over this board every damn day! There is no point in making an awesome, pretty board with the life you want for yourself on it, if you are never going to read it. So get into the habit of going over it every morning. Read the quotes, smile at the memories and remember the dream!
(my favourite stationary shop and where I bought my vision board,  is KIKKI.CO.UK).

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